Deutschland,s Funkfrequenzen

148,070 00 MHz
151,370 00 MHz
151,410 00 MHz
151,430 00 MHz
151,470 00 MHz
151,490 00 MHz
151,510 00 MHz
151,530 00 MHz

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Sitting knee movement
Keep your spine straight, knees bent, sitting on your sciatic, feet flat on the floor, ankles and together, put your hands back to support.
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Use your left deltoid oblique (instead of his right arm), reduce your belly and your left shoulder off the ground about 2-3 feet, and put his left leg lifted about 12 feet, to maintain this action 2 seconds after slowly return to its initial position.
The beginning of the right side, left to 8.5 times. Slowly increased to 12 to 15 times on each side. Each do 1-2 groups, each minute of rest between them.

Before you become overly concerned about "bird flu," there are a few important facts you need to know about this disease.

"Bird flu" is not the same thing as human pandemic flu. "Bird flu"-H5N1 highly pathogenic Asian avian influenza-is a severe disease of birds. All the people known to have gotten it had close contact with infected birds, mostly in rural villages in Asia. Where there is no close contact with infected birds, there's no human disease.

More good news: The food supply is protected. The poultry industry and the U.S.

government take Asian avian influenza very seriously because it can threaten commercial poultry. It's spread by migratory birds, so the federal government monitors wild birds in areas where there could be contact with Asian birds.

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